How it works is free for teachers and students. The main purpose of this website is to provide a platform for users that can access the knowledge anytime. There are two separate corners, one for teachers and other for students. They can use this easily on their laptops and smart phones.

Teacher's Corner

Teacher’s corner is the separate place where teachers add and update MCQs on the base of different subjects and chapters. When a teacher registers, an ID is assigned to him. Teacher can use both "Teacher's Corner" and "Student's Corner" with his one email address and password that he provided at the time of registration. Teachers share teacher's ID to students so that they can access MCQs data. After the successful preparation of the chapter, when a student completes the test, marks appears and feed in the record of teacher.

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Student's Corner

Student’s corner is an area where they register and use the MCQs shared by the teachers. Students use ID provided by the teacher to access MCQs. After preparation, they can check their abilities by conducting test. At the end of test, a result shows and feed in student’s area for further improvement. This result also shows in teacher’s area.

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Helpful steps for teachers!


Click on top most register button. A new web form will open for teacher's detail.


Here a new teacher will fill complete details specially valid email address and whatsapp number for communication.


Within 24 hours teacher's account will approve and an confirmation message will deliver to email address. Teacher can use one email address and password provided at the time of regiastration to sign in "Teacher's Corner" and "Student's Corner".


Here is teacher's first page where teacher's ID shows in red colour. Share that ID to students so that they can access your MCQs. When students conduct any test, a result shows in front to them and also feed here with student's name, marks, chapter number and date. Now click on Go button.


Now click on Add Subject Names button. A new page will open that require subject name from user.


Here enter all the subjects that you want to add for feeding MCQs and then click on submit button. After adding all subjects click on back button.


Now click on Enter/Edit Questions button. A new page will open.


Here select class, subject and chapter then click on Add/Edit Question button.


Enter question, option 1,option 2, option 3 and option 4. Keep in mind that option 4 will be the answer. Click on Add Question button to add MCQs. If you want to edit any question in this selected chapter then click on Edit Question button.


Our Testimonials

Best ever website I ever seen! It is helpful for all teachers who want their students engage in studies. The record maintenance is fabulous.


Teacher (Secondary Level)

I am very much impressed to add my questions here. Such a great job! My students are now happy when they revise and conduct tests. Thanks a lot for such a great effort.


Teacher (Junior Level)

MCQsMaker is very helpful for me and my students. Now I am not worried about the exams revisions. One time effor for teachers to add questions and students use them to revise and test. Great work!

Brian Cristofer

Teacher (Secondary Level)

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